Y-Series- Precision and Accuracy – Physics and Religion

Y-Series- Precision and Accuracy – Physics and Religion

In daily life a physicist, of course in the life of every human being too, these two parameters play a worthy role. Well, Precision is the resemblance of the results or observations where as the accuracy is defined as the observation or grades of many experiments which results to a standard level found in the literature. A test can be precise but can not be accurate if it does not coincide to the standard results. An accurate experiment can be non-precise in another way. But in the scientific world precision and accuracy is always desired! If one makes a test experiment many times and gets the similar kind of results which does not deviate from the standard literature values then it is precise series of experiment and if those results are somehow coincide the standard values found in the literature then those experiments are called an accurate experiment with a good precision.

Now coming back to the core of this article, it is always appreciated if we adopt the principle of precision and accuracy in our daily lives. More specifically when we speak about our religion. It is very simple to understand how! Due to a clear fact that we have been given clear pattern and design in our religion to simply follow that. Now the analogy to precision and accuracy can be applied in order to get the meaning of a religion clear. If we un-doubtfully adopt-n-follow these rules then we are accurate to our religion. If we follow some lines leaving some out or adding our interpretation based on our partial views then it is not accurate but these fellowship if regularly adopted is called precision on your action. God – Allah – wants to see Accuracy in our religion and not precision in our action.

One is often surprised to hear that in Europe “if I follow some doctrines, then it is not me…or then what I am!” Usually people want to refine and define themselves on somehow “their own” ways, styles and desires which, openly saying, is not any faith or in any religion. It would be then an animalistic life with no moral values. A person with a religion is defined as someone who has attained a certain path to follow, who has a designed pattern of life style, which is a model of some principles which are not written by him but by the One Who created Him!

Islam gives the Muslim a complete code of life! Life to lead and life to enjoy and it does not matter where you live…! The question is only if we can understand enough these principles to follow precisely and accurately. There becomes an intrinsic enjoyment if you get the definition of right-n-wrong cleared according to the Islamic platform. Sometimes it is heard that the rules are strict and there is no happiness in them or people trying to find “grey” in between white and dark. But one can reply to the questioners, if they interpret the definition based on the personal biased views, the modernity, or the moralistic values found in their “advanced culture” then for them definitely it is “hard to cope” Islam… but for the people of understanding who just follow what is written in the book of Allah, it is contrary!

Least but not the last everyone wishes to have a rejoicing life but the matter is what defines a happiness! Anyway, if you grasp without a thought that we are being imposed-on by the rules of 1428 years ago when man was not that advanced like nowadays, then there is nothing to worry because on that point, Allah takes care for the person how has that strong faith.. Rather hearing or putting ears to others, it is better to focus oneself to one’s inner satisfaction when you follow the Islamic rules precisely and accurately.