Why Is Canon EOS 1000F Different?

Why Is Canon EOS 1000F Different?

You can get equivalent cameras at more expensive prices but give you the same output in terms of quality of images. The same way Canon EOS 1000F gives you quality pictures, fast auto focus, long battery life and effortless film change, that is the same services you will get from other equivalent cameras that go for as high as $4000, but not with the EOS 100F from Canon. First of all, we want to understand what EOS 1000F series is.

The Canon EOS 1000F camera is a 35-40mm lens camera, which is loved by professional photographers. You would wonder why they love this camera. Well, the simple answer is that this camera is different in the following ways. First, with its advanced features, it has adjustable electronic shutter. With that speed, no chance that you will get blurred images unless you are truly an armature. It is rare to get a camera that will still produce blur-free images even when shooting fast moving objects. This is made possible by the built-in AF (Automatic Flash) in the EOS 1000F.

So you now know why the camera hardly produces blurred images? If not, think of it this way, this is a camera made of adjustable electronic shutters. It also has a bulb and flash synchronization speeds of about 1/90 seconds. With that speed, the camera can be able to display flash to fire at the clear-cut moment. Furthermore, the external LCD component on the canon camera displays vital information like the speed of shutter, the aperture setting and the speed of film. These are the things that sets the canon EOS 1000F apart from the rest. So the question is no longer whether canon 1000 F is a good camera but ‘how is it a good camera?’

You might ask how many pixels the camera has, however, the camera has no pixels. It can only use the current EF series lenses, which happen to be used in the canon DSLR cameras (Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras). Also, it is a 3 zone metering system with no mirror lock or remote facility for release. In other words, the camera can be considered slow by today’s standards because it has no single frame option.

The 1000F series is a 35mm film camera. It does not have megapixels, but, it can use any of the current EF series lenses, which can also be used on any of the Canon DSLR Remember, too, not to use the EF-S series lenses on a film camera irrespective of whether it fits or not. The reason is that it could damage your camera. Canon EOS 1000F is not an old generation camera people take it to be. It is still a great camera which still has a lot of relevance in photography experience. A great photo is a great photo irrespective of the camera that took it. In spite of the fact that its AF is at the basic level, experts expect it to be still in use a century from today.