Why Are Gel Pens the Best?

Why Are Gel Pens the Best?

Gel pens, which uses gel ink was first crafted in the 80s; it is a fusion of oil and water-based inks and is water resistant. Gel pens are similar to ballpoint pens, but write, or rather glides better than its predecessors. This is why many consider pens to be the best contemporary writing instruments. One of the gel pen’s best features is that it is fade-proof and suitable for permanent documentation.

There are many types of gel pens out there with multiple diligent uses, which not only make them simply the best, but also an indispensable tool in every household, home, office or studio. Pens are akin to the omnipresent ballpoint pens, (which have been around for ages) but are more diverse in terms of tip dimensions, with an assortment of minute tips to very generous; plus they are also made in chisel or circular tips. Gel pens dispense a dense and viscous gel-like ink that is almost theatrical and perceptible. These pens also produce professional-looking results, which make them a favorite drawing tool for artists.

Fine white gel tip pens for example, are able to produce elegant calligraphy when rendered on dark-hued materials such as invitation cards, pictures or even scrapbooks. The superior white tips generate a vivid and specialized consequence. Any piece of art work can be enhanced by rendering strokes of white gel where natural light can ‘bounce’ of them; this is the unique quality which Pens have over other writing instruments.

Gel pens are also fantastic for labeling clothes tags and as a fashion accessory. Simply pick a color and use them to paint the tips of fingers and coat with clear nail polish; to create an ‘avant garde’ French manicure. This is especially useful when a person is in a hurry and has no time to visit a nail salon. White gel ink pens can make your white shoes look fresh by covering any scruff marks and also works wonders for white shirts. The trick is to use the right tip and to color the shoes or shirts carefully. Gel pens are also very handy to momentarily hide minute grazes on wooden furniture, chipped ceramics, walls, tiles, window sills or scuffed car doors.

At the work place, utilize this brilliant gel pen to mark sequential figures and pivotal information discreetly right unto the computer. To stop people from nicking your personal office equipment, tag your name on things like hole punch, stapler, tape dispenser, mouse pad and clipboard. The ink is fade-proof, so the culprit will eventually be caught. If you run out of correction liquid, white gel pens are a great alternative; just run over the broad tip over any errors and when the ink dries, just type over the document as usual, no one will notice a thing.

Gel pens are quite useful in our daily lives, as observed here. That is why these pens are found almost anywhere in the home, school, office and other places. Millions are sold every year in the United States alone. Gel pens are the best because they are not just writing instruments, but can be quite the helpful assistant to solve minute crises around the house and make small repairs for the wardrobe and furniture until real help comes along.