What Things Can a Woman Do to Make a Man Feel Like a Man? 7 Things Which Matter a Lot

What Things Can a Woman Do to Make a Man Feel Like a Man? 7 Things Which Matter a Lot

Men are men and the typical largely unwritten laws have their take on how a man should be like a man, maybe macho, confident, suave etc. So if you are in a relationship and are wondering about how to make him feel like a man, here are some things you can try.

Observe and study him keenly
The most important thing to do before you undertake the task that you are about to is observe him keenly when he is with you, in a group or at a social do. Take note of things that happen that you feel lower his confidence, it can be some remark about him, a jibe towards him; basically anything that you feel gets him down.

Now get to work on your readings
Now that you have done that, do something that will work towards improving his self esteem. And you don’t have to get on it right away. If someone has said something that has kind of shaken his confidence, make a mental note of it and on the right occasion say something that will make him feel good about the same thing that got him down. It will also matter to him more because it is coming from you.

A little bit of help, even if you don’t need it
This is something you might try to make him feel like a man if you ask for his help in something you need to get done. And tell you what, it will be even better if you can think of something that requires physical strength or stamina. It is sure to make him feel good about himself.

Who holds the reins
Ok, so maybe you are the one who actually controls your relationship, maybe with your tact or whatever. But still, make sure that you make your man feel that he is in control of the relationship. Every man loves his dose of ego boosters.

When in public
Now it is no hidden fact that everyone loves it if he is praised in public or in a group of people, same holds true for your man. Shower him with some compliments and say good things about him in public and see the wonders it can do. He will definitely swell up with pride and also will cherish you more.

vice versa holds true too
Kinda obvious, isn’t it? Even if you happen to have a confrontation or some kind of a disagreement in public, never ever make the mistake of putting him down in public. Realise that men sometimes see it as a direct attack on their manhood.

Respect his point of views
Whenever you discuss anything, be on your guard that you do not disagree with him even if you do so at that point of time. Hear him out keenly and respectfully, and then some time later, give him your opinion without seeming to get personal.