What is the Significance of CSS

What is the Significance of CSS

Cascading Style Sheets are used to make the Web page attractive in the eyes of the visitors. Moreover, CSS style sheets have made Web pages much easier to deal with during web designing. Cascading Style sheets also allow you to make changes in a single location instead of editing the entire website. So, there is no need for you to visit each of the Web pages in your website and edit them.

CSS saves a lot of your valuable time and energy. Cascading Style Sheets, as the name suggests, determine a specific style for your Web pages based on a priority list commonly referred to as a “cascade”. Besides this, it also permits you to manage the various elements in the Web pages of your web site. A single CSS style sheet can manage the font, formatting, text size, positioning, style and color of an entire Website. Although Cascading sheets can modify the presentation and outlook of your website, however, it is completely different from website designing.

CSS can help a webmaster in many ways. A website with a CSS-based layout is highly appreciated by the online visitors as it generates the “wow” feeling among them. Even the Internet search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN prefer CSS-based websites when it comes to assigning ranks to them on the search engine index. The significance of CSS for the webmasters has been discussed below: –

Separation of the design from the website content: –
You can gain lot of control over the design and appearance of your website with the help of Cascading Style Sheets as it allows you to link your style sheets to your website text and documents. So, in case you feel like editing a segment of your Web page, all you need to do is to modify only the external CSS style sheet for editing your entire website. This process is not only flexible but also time-saving. However, if you opt for normal HTML tables for overall layout, you shall be deprived of this flexibility. Cascading Style Sheets bear font, text, style information, colors and many other attributes of a website.

Increase the download speed of your website: –
As the Cascading Style sheets are very light in weight and uses less bandwidth, so it increases the downloading speed of your website. The primary reason for this is increase in speed is because table layouts are not necessary in case of CSS-based Style sheets for the positioning of the items. As text documents get loaded very fast so the Web pages will appear within a flash of seconds and this will surely make the online visitors happy when they are browsing through your Website. It has been estimated that a website loads about seven times faster if it uses CSS-based style sheets.

Helps you to attain a higher rank in the search engine lists: –
With the help of CSS, you can easily change the position of your website elements. You can move the position of your menu button from left to the right or to any other place you want. The real purpose behind positioning of the elements is to ensure that the search engine spider crawls through the main content of your website. You must position your menu button and logo text at the bottom of your HTML document for a better result.

Compatibility of CSS with modern browsers: –
As there are many browsers nowadays apart from Internet Explorer, so it becomes difficult for the webmasters to test their websites in each and every browser on the Internet. Sticking to the standard CSS-based layout is the best solution for you in this case.