Wedding Envelope Calligraphy

Wedding Envelope Calligraphy

If you are planning a wedding, you already know how important it is to select he right invitations and envelopes.

To break it down even more, the envelopes are what will make that important first impression, and reflect the overall tone of your taste.

By using wedding envelope calligraphy, you can guarantee that first impression will be a lasting and tasteful one for each and every one of your guests.

Wedding envelope calligraphy can be described as writing in a fancy script or other artful way to formalize and personalize your invitations. When guests receive a beautifully written envelope, they immediately know it’s an official announcement and eagerly look to see what’s inside.

When making a formal announcement such as the date and time of your wedding, make sure your wedding envelopes give an air of importance and celebration.

There are hundreds of different wedding envelope calligraphy styles and fonts to choose from. It may take some time and research to look through all of the options available to you, but keep a few rules in mind when making your final selection.

For instance, the font you choose should be elegant and pretty, but not too busy. If you pick an extremely “busy” font with too many angles or oddly-shaped letters, your guests may have difficulty in reading it. You want to make sure that everyone knows the exact date, time and location of the wedding with no chance of missing something because it was too difficult to read.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size of the font. You don’t want something too big or too small. A font size somewhere in between will work, showing any capital letters in a slightly larger or fancier style.

The font should not be too light or faint, as it will be difficult to read. You don’t want it to be too dark or bold either.

A middle-of-the road type of font style and contrast will work perfectly and ensure that your guests will be able to read each and every detail.

When using wedding envelope calligraphy, use a formal title for the guest such as “Mr.” or “Dr.,” which will add to the formal elegance you want.

Include a return mailing address on the back seal area, so nothing but the guests’ names are addressed on the front. This shows your guest that they are important to you and nothing else but their name is on the front of the envelope. It’s a form of respect to honor your guests in this way.

Don’t forget about the RSVP envelopes which will be tucked neatly inside your main envelope, along with the invitation and dinner card. Using the same wedding envelope calligraphy on the RSVP envelopes bring a sense of unity and conformity to all pieces of the invitation.

Using a high quality paper stock for your envelopes will make the wedding envelope calligraphy really pop. You can use colored ink for more flair, or standard black ink for a more formal essence.

You need to select your invitation style and especially the type of calligraphy font you will use in plenty of time for printing, stuffing and mailing out the invitations to your guests. Generally, you should plan to mail out the invitations about 8 weeks before the wedding. Factor in such things as ordering paper, the calligraphy, putting the invitations together and mail time.

Make your wedding envelope calligraphy tie in with a special wedding-themed postage stamp. This will show your guests that you really put thought into every last detail.

As you work on the all-important invitations, pay special attention to using just the right wedding envelope calligraphy to showcase how lovely everything is, both inside and out.

The first thing the guests will see is the envelope, so make it as beautiful as your wedding is sure to be.