Twilight Birthday Party – New Moon Birthday Party

Twilight Birthday Party – New Moon Birthday Party

The Twilight book series by Stephanie Meyer have been a huge success with tween and teen girls. What better way to celebrate the birthday than a New Moon or Twilight themed party? Here are some ideas to make it happen.

First, you will need cool party invitations . You can print off color copies of the book covers, characters or posters from the movie to use on the front of your handmade invitations. Using your computer fonts, you can either write the invitation in calligraphy style handwriting like Edward would use:

The Cullen family cordially invites you to attend a party in the honour of

(Try a font called Edwardian script)

Alternatively, you can use a handwritten scrawl like Bella would write to inform your guests as to place and time. An example would be:

OK – I really hate parties, but Alice is making me invite everyone

One additional possibility would be to write it like Jacob – crossing out lines and re-writing them until you get the invitation right.

For instance – you could write:

The bloodsucker invites you to

The leech is having a party for…

Bring a jacket – it will be cold

You will need to decide if it is a general Twilight/New Moon party theme – or if guests choose/are put on teams. You can have team Edward vs. Team Jacob.

Next, you will need party food . You can offer guests ‘blood’ to drink, but putting tomato juice in a non-transparent cup with a straw. You could also make a red fruit punch – add extra ice before guests come so it is extra cold or slushy. Hot dogs would be good – roasting them like on the beach in La Push – would be even better. Make cookies that look like dog biscuits.

Decorations. You can make them ahead of time, or have everyone participate. You can let everyone design posters, and have prizes for the best ones. If you want to make the decorations yourself, let everyone make their own t-shirt, which can be their ‘loot-bag’ take home gift.

Posters and t-shirts could read:

  • Team Jacob
  • Team Edward
  • Team Cullen Fastball
  • La Push Diving Team
  • Forks, WA
  • Meanwhile, in a little known town called Spoons…
  • Cullen Drive
  • My neck belongs to Edward
  • Bite Me – Edward Cullen
  • Jacob Can Be My Alpha
  • I was pale before Twilight made it popular
  • Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (Jacob)
  • I like my guys cool and sparkly
  • La Push Motorcycle Club

Guests can also make up their own ideas. Have plenty of markers, paint or fabric paint, sparkles, gel pens, etc. It is a good idea to have scrap paper so kids can make a rough copy before they do their good one.

Activities . Kids can learn vampire hip hop dances, play truth or dare, or Twilight trivia. Having them dress up or act out their favourite scenes from the movies or books. You can video tape the enactments and play them back at the end of the night, or send them home with a copy on DVD.