Top Twenty Reasons You Should Make This Year a Global Christmas

Top Twenty Reasons You Should Make This Year a Global Christmas

So, it’s Black Friday. And so commences the Christmas shopping season, officially. So, before you tackle your gift list, contemplate the twenty-five days you have to accomplish the task, and brave the public frenzy, here are some compelling reasons for you to consider doing your shopping for global accents online. Let’s just say it’s our list of…

Top twenty reasons you should make this year a global Christmas:

20. Moroccan Tea Sets that actually come from Morocco!

19. A world of window-shopping all in one place! India, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Italy, America, Morocco, and Asia are only as far away as the reach of your fingertips.

18. An authentic, Moroccan serving tray to go with that beautiful tea set!

17. This. Fabulous Dolce and Gabbana handbags. Splurge. (Admit it, haven’t you always wanted an Italian?)

16. You can shop in your bathrobe, while deep conditioning your hair, and waiting for your facial masque to dry. Oh, and you don’t have to use a crowded, food court restroom. Or eat at the food court.

15. Just LOOK at gorgeous, authentic Indian decorative accent pillows!

14. You can be in and out of the global bazaar with seasoned efficiency, and never have to contend with the mall, parking, lines, aimless wandering, or other aggressive, pushy shoppers. But we’d like to think exploring a global marketplace is a nice way to spend a little shopping time.

13. Where else would you find an authentic, Chinese puppet?

12. Exceptional online customer service, creative approaches to decor, and advice ONLY when you request it. Online shopping is absolutely the right place!

11. Gourmet desserts that have been tested, tasted and are loved! Serve them, send them, savor them!

10. You won’t find online stock in your local department store or chain retailer….and probably not within a 500 mile radius of where you live….so everyone will love how original and unique your gift choices are!

9. Glass, glass, glass…

8. Need a break from shopping in the global online market? Spend some time with a blog! It’s like multi-cultural, international entertainment!

7. Your gesture of good fortunes and domestic blessings will honor and delight your recipient when s/he opens a hand painted wall hanging of Chinese calligraphy.

6. So many poufs from so many places! You will be brilliantly on trend! And you’ll get free shipping for them.

5. Online shops are open in EVERY time zone, all the time.

4. We know how much you want to learn to cook in an authentic tagine…give one to your favorite cook, and get one for yourself! A traditional recipe or two might be included.

3. You can have a glass of wine or a delicious espresso while you shop from your favorite bistro, cafe….or from home. Does this inspire you to shop for a wine rack or an authentic Turkish coffee set? It should!

2. Of course your mother/aunt/sister/uncle/nana would love to have an authentic Steinbach’s of Germany NUTCRACKER!

1. Online retailers bring all these wonderful, worldly treasures from all over the globe directly to your door!