The Value of Authentic Murano Glass

The Value of Authentic Murano Glass

Murano glass art is a unique and refined art that dates back to before the tenth century. The techniques are tried and true, and only an elite few can produce authentic Murano glass. The glass is coveted by admirers and collectors worldwide. Authentic Murano glass is not only elegant décor, it is a fabulous investment. Authentic Murano artwork does not depreciate in value the way other glass pieces depreciate.

The tradition of authentic Murano glass has created glass art that holds its value over time. In fact, some pieces even increase in value. But choosing a piece of Murano art is not so easy. Each piece is unique and beautiful. For home décor, there are really only two options: a chandelier or a sculpture. Choose one to set the tone of your room and then accent this with Murano drinkware and bowls.

Choosing between a chandelier and a sculpture is a difficult choice. Both pieces of Murano artwork are worth the investment. But what you choose depends on you, your home, and your décor. Begin by deciding which room you will display your artwork in. Use the décor in this room to choose a color for your piece. Then you must decide whether you want your art to be a fixed piece or a moveable piece.

Chandeliers are beautiful, but cannot be easily moved. On the other hand, a sculpture is more easily moved, but is more likely to be bumped or knocked over. Also ask yourself whether you prefer artwork that is displayed, such as paintings and sculptures, or artwork that is considered to be part of the décor or the architecture? Do you want something decorative only or something that has a function as well? Additionally, what size do you want your artwork to be? Once you answer these questions, you will know whether to buy a chandelier or a sculpture.

An authentic Murano chandelier is perfect for any room you may have that needs something extra special. Each chandelier is handmade by a Murano Glass Master. This means that each chandelier is a work of art made with great care. The chandeliers come in a variety of colors and are made with the greatest of care, in line with the tradition of Murano glass. The Murano chandeliers are functional, beautiful, and unique. The chandelier is perfect for stressing architecture or design of a room. It adds accents without being the focal point while delicately enhancing the features of the room. Not everyone wants to be surrounded by art. Some people prefer to let a room itself be art. The Murano chandelier accomplishes this beautifully.

A Murano glass sculpture is a perfect focal point for any room and offers a variety of shapes and sizes. Sculptures allow more flexibility than a chandelier because they come in many shapes and sizes and also because many of them are more portable than a chandelier. This means that you can rearrange your room as often as you like. It also means that your sculpture can be the focal point of different rooms for different occasions and different seasons. The sculpture is for the art lover who wants to display the beauty of their pieces.

Murano glass must be authentic to be considered collectable, unique, and in order to retain its value. Part of the value of authentic Murano glass is in the way the glass is made and the materials that it is made out of. Murano glass is so exclusive that imitations are rampant. However, imitations are not unique. They may be made in bulk. Imitations also do not have the high standards of quality that authentic Murano glass has. This means that your piece of glass will not be a high quality piece. An imitation will be made out of inferior glass and may or may not be handmade. It also will not retain its value. Additionally, since Murano glass is handmade by master glassmakers, the Murano glass is guaranteed to be close to perfection. The master glassmakers know what to look for. They know how to prevent the glass from developing any imperfections or weaknesses that will mar the piece. An imitation just won’t have that kind of quality.

Whether you choose a chandelier or a sculpture, you need to be sure that your Murano glasswork is authentic. If you are going to invest in something, make sure that it is top quality and worth what you are paying for it. The Murano glass, handmade by master glassmakers, will always meet these standards.