The Roman Numeral Tattoos – Long Band of Characters on Your Body

The Roman Numeral Tattoos – Long Band of Characters on Your Body

The fascination with Roman Numerals is not a new thing as they can be found in different artworks and books. In fact, some scholars have even dedicated a significant amount of time to understand the history and development of the Roman Numerals. When drawn correctly the numerals make fabulous tattoo images, and they are also quite versatile since they can be drawn alone or drawn as part of other tattoos. For this type of tattoo to good on your skin, it is important to choose a good design and also have it inked in a good font.

How to Choose the Right Design

The right design for you will not necessarily be the right one for another person, and so your personal preferences for tattoos should dictate the design you chose. However, the following important factors should guide you in the selection of design.

· Placement

Different designs are suitable for various parts of the body, and so you should consider where you want to place your tattoo before choosing the design. What looks beautiful when drawn in a less visible place like behind the ear might not look good for a more visible location like the inner wrist.

· Size

Some tattoo designs will only look well when drawn as big tattoos. More detailed tattoo designs are often drawn as big size tattoo to bring out clearly the detail. You should first consider the size of the Roman numeral tattoos you want before selecting the design so that the tattoo looks great on you.

· Consider the number of characters you want

The more the number of character in your Roman numerals the larger the space the tattoo will occupy. This is an important factor to consider since some tattoo designs only accommodate a few characters. If you are translating an important date like a birthday, the right design is one which will be able to accommodate all the characters while remaining aesthetically appealing.

· Choose a design that means something to you

Roman numerals are not just attractive characters ad so you should choose a design that means something special to you. With this type of tattoo, good designs are those that represent things like your birthday or that of a loved one.

· Take some time to think about it

The biggest mistake that most people make not only with the Roman Numerals but other types of tattoos is rushing to get inked. No matter how good you think, the design is you should take some time to think about it and analyze it. Remember that a tattoo is a permanent mark and so if you change your mind about the design once you have it there will be little you can do about it.

· Consult an expert

Roman numerals might be very common tattoos but since they come in several designs, you should consult your tattoo artist or any other experts before choosing a design. Since the artist is more conversant with different designs, he or she will be in a position to advise you on the design that is best suited to your style and skin tone.

Roman Numerals Tattoo Fonts

Since the Roman Numerals are some of the most common forms of lettering in tattoos, several fonts can be used to represent these numerals. The following five are the most popular of these fonts.

· Serif tattoo font: In this font the numerals are written with small strokes. This font is ideal for people who do not like numerals with thick outlines or very detailed ones.

· Pointillistic tattoo font: If you want your numerals to look neat this is the font that you should use for your tattoo. Some people also look at this font as some form of block lettering, but regardless of how you see it the fact remains that it is one of neatest font types.

· Handwriting Font: This is a loose style that imitates the human handwriting and for this tattoo it will look as if the artist has drawn the numerals in his own handwriting. This font is a good option especially where the tattoo artist is not conversant with other types of font.

· Calligraphy: If you are looking to have a large Roman numeral tattoo on your chest or back this is the best font to use. What makes this font special is that the numbers are elegant, bold, and traditional, and they are also readily distinguishable in case they are inked among other tattoos.

· Olde English: This font is heavier and also blockier than calligraphic fonts, and so it is more suitable when used for bigger tattoos. This font is not as common as the others, and so you should make sure that the artist knows how to draw it well before using it for your tattoo.

Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas and Designs

1. Important Dates Tattoos: These are the most common type of Roman Numeral Tattoos but no matter how common they are they are still a perfect idea for your tattoo. There are many special dates in a person’s life, and so you should be able to figure out a date that you would want inked on you. Examples of some of the dates that you can use for this tattoo include your birthday or that of a loved one, your wedding, a favorite number or even the date that your favorite pet died.

2. 3D Roman numeral: 3D tattoos are now the in thing and so to keep up with the times you should consider having your Roman Numerals in 3D. You can have this tattoo design inked on any part of your body, but a good idea would be to have it in a place where it is easily visible. Since this is a cool tattoo design, you should be able to show it anytime you feel like and this can only be possible if you ink it somewhere visible like the forearm or wrist.

3. Roman Clock: If you do not have any particular date or number that you would want to have inked on you then you can have your numeral tattoo as a Roman clock. Rather than have plain numerals inked on you the roman clock will add some spice to your tattoo image.

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