Summer Fun Days in Preschool Sunday School

Summer Fun Days in Preschool Sunday School

Sunday school does not stop when school is out. In fact, many Sunday school classes actually see a rise in attendance during the summer months when people are visiting churches and attending Vacation Bible School. If you are a preschool Sunday school teacher, then here are some fun ideas to bring into your Sunday school class during the summer months.

Host a water party:

It is always hot during the summer, so why not have a little “cool” fun in the water. Make sure you tell the parents ahead of time, so the kids can come in a bathing suit or old clothes. This is one time when Sunday dress is not appropriate. Set up a couple of small kiddie pools outside and fill with water. Give the kids small squirt guns (or squeeze bottles), sponges and other water toys to play with. Have some water games to play, such as a water balloon toss. You can even put objects in the water and let them experiment with what will sink or float.

Bubble Fun:

You can also go outside for a bit of bubble fun. There are all kinds of easy recipes that will help you make the biggest bubbles ever. Fill a kiddie pool with bubble solution and let the kids go to town. Place a hula hoop inside the pool and have the kids stand inside. Bring the hula hoop up around the kids very slowly and they will find themselves inside the bubble. You can also make a variety of bubble wands out of clothes hangers and even large pipe cleaners.

Teddy Bear Picnic:

Have each child bring their own teddy bear and go outside for a teddy bear picnic. Bring all the yummy foods that bears and kids like to eat such as biscuits and honey, Teddy Graham crackers and fresh fruit. Spread out a blanket and find a place in the shade for a fun time.

Indoor Campout:

Stay cool and have an indoor campout right in your classroom. Pitch a tent small enough to fit in your class (but big enough for all the kids). Sit inside and have puzzle time and story time. Give each kid their own flashlight and teach them some new songs. You can even make a pretend camp fire using rolled up construction paper as logs. How about s’mores for snacks? You will need graham crackers, some chocolate and of course marshmallows. Roast the marshmallows over a candle, or stick them in the microwave.

Remember that just because school is out doesn’t mean that your class can’t learn at Sunday school. Take a look at your weekly Sunday school lessons and find a way to incorporate some of these fun summer activities into your class.