Study in New Zealand to Give Your Education a Whole New Dimension

Study in New Zealand to Give Your Education a Whole New Dimension

The potency of New Zealand for foremost learning has been brought out lately since the education structure of this English-speaking country concentrates on the British standards. Hence, scholars from the rest of the English-speaking nations will feel the courses of study of the top universities in New Zealand unproblematic to deal with. Widely known for its captivating outdoors, and impressive scenery, the nation which is abuzz with cafeterias, nightclubs and eateries has made its presence felt in the sphere of higher education as well. As said by the Ministry of Education, New Zealand, the prominent urban centers that attract the majority of international students include Christchurch, Wellington, and Auckland.

Students who look forward to study in New Zealand can go for institutes such as University of Auckland, Lincoln University, Victoria University of Wellington, and University of Canterbury. Although there are quite a few other institutes accessible for aspirants, the aforementioned names belong to the list of top universities in New Zealand.

If you have a strong desire to study in New Zealand, you should definitely take into account the University of Auckland (UoA), the largest educational establishment right now with above 39,000 students registered. The university has one chief campus in the middle of Auckland and 4 other campuses for pupils with specializations. There are over 5,000 foreign students from more than 90 countries continuing different programs in this educational institution. You can choose your desired one from a wide array of courses provided on arts, science, education, business administration, medial and health sciences, engineering, bioengineering, and theology. The UoA has obtained a high place in the listing of most excellent universities of the globe, as prepared by a renowned rating organization.

Founded in 1897, the Victoria University of Wellington derived its name from Queen Victoria. This olden establishment consists of 8 faculty departments such as science, practice of law, architecture and design, education, trade and administration, graduate research, humanities and social sciences, and engineering science. Of all these departments, the architecture and design has stamped its exclusivity by turning the principal center in NZ. Located in the capital of NZ, the university presents a lively ambiance both within and outside the campus. It ensures that scholars not only acquire a deep understanding of their disciplines, but they apply their understanding in their respective disciplines as well.

Situated in Christchurch, the industrialized city in the middle of an affluent agricultural area, the University of Canterbury was established in the year 1873. Initially known as the Canterbury College, the institution is counted among top universities in New Zealand because of its forward-looking research facilities, and a huge group of encouraging faculties. The university provides high quality teaching to more than 3,000 overseas students and 21,000 native students.

Various scholarships in New Zealand can be productive for scholars by lessening their financial burdens. Nevertheless, you have to apply for these financial aids much before because of their fixed seats. Foreign students can derive benefits from a maximum of 28 scholarships each year. The most popular scholarships in New Zealand comprise New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS) and Livestock Emissions & Abatement Research Network (LEARN) Fellowships.