\”Some Interesting Fact About Handwriting”

\”Some Interesting Fact About Handwriting”

Been into profession of Calligraphy, always had a desire to share the knowledge with others and educate people about it. I started thinking about the ways to reach people and finally decided to share this. Writing is part of our daily lives however hoe many people are really aware about the origin or importance of it? Not many people are aware but writing tells a lot about a human. I am not an expert but just an attempt to share my skills.

Talking about the origin of handwriting, it took thousands of years to discover the writing and develop new techniques in it. People used pictures, hints or some standard symbols to communicate in ancient times. Gradually, human beings invented the writing. In ancient times man started writing by wood on tree leaves. But then after finding some error in it, it was felt that there was obstruction in communication. Later, to improve a thin substance from the fruit of the tree extract was used,and was named as “ink” and from then on, began to write using ink on the leaf surface. So the invention dint stop there things kept changing, later invented a paper and started writing on paper using peacock feathers and Boru. Then pencil & pen was discovered and used for writing. During the intervening period, the Boru fell behind and mostly use of pen, pencil and also various types of writing media was used.

Today, Handwriting can be done with the writing instruments, such as a pencil, pen or other tools like steel brush etc. Each person’s handwriting is of unique style and different methods. The deterioration in a person’s handwriting is also a symptoms or result of certain diseases. A person’s handwriting is like person’s fingerprints. Handwriting may refer to a person’s specific style of writing by hand.

Handwriting includes:

Basic specific shape of letters

Spacing between letters

Size, slope & thickness of letters

Different styles of letter

Handwriting is relevant to firmness /stability, nervousness or Mood of the writer.

While learning to write different languages, children between 5 to 12 make mistakes. Thus it is necessary to correct mistakes and improve handwriting which is beneficial for their studies. Certainly handwriting is part of our life probably till the age of 12-23 years as we are either in schools or colleges. However once we are once we start with a job, or choose our respective fields in terms of our career, it’s more of either working on computer, laptops, and we are most of the time on our mobile phones. In somewhere in all this we get completely detached from our writing. At “K” Calligraphy we help your children and you to connect with your basics and support you to build confidence with proper guidelines for improving handwriting.