Selling Handmade Teddy Bears Online

Selling Handmade Teddy Bears Online

Selling handmade teddy bears online is a good way to earn money. This makes it more convenient for people who have no time to buy handmade teddy bears in stores. If you are new to online selling, and not fully familiar with the tricks of the trade, here are some tips that could help you start with your handmade stuffed toys business.

1. The first thing you need to consider is the quality of the handmade stuffed toys you make. This is the most important factor in selling your item. So, get first a pen and paper and write a list of what makes your item stand out. There are a lot of people who sell handmade teddy bears online; so by making a list, it gives you a clear picture on how you’ll go around selling your toys. This means you need to specify the type of materials used in making the handmade stuffed toys. You will need to include your target market as well. Take note, people who buy handmade teddy bears online look at the safety notes on the product. You will need to indicate which age group is not allowed to use the toys (for small parts, etc).

2. Another thing you will need to do is to make an interesting write-up about your handmade stuffed toys. Mention what inspired you to come up with such product. If you have a vision that you plan to sell, you can also include that in your write-up as well. You can even say, what makes your toy stand out from the rest.

3. Specify what your customer will expect to receive when they get their orders. You will also have to include the shipping time and return policies if ever. You will also need to include a certificate to ensure your customers that the handmade stuffed toys they are getting are made from high-quality materials, and of course, genuinely handmade.

4. Use a good digital camera to take photos of your product. You will need to take good photos of your product if you want to effectively sell your handmade teddy bears online. Take note, the downside of the internet is that your customers cannot fully “feel” your product. Use the camera to make your customers see the type of fabric, the seams, the details that make your handmade stuffed toys unique and other things.

5. Look for a website that sells different products. Selling in an online store specializing on handmade products like works well for people who want to sell their handmade teddy bears online. An online store makes their customers and sellers protected from scammers. Make sure the site’s terms and conditions work well for you. Being present in an online store also helps you expand your network and connect with other people who sell handmade teddy bears online.