Pink Poodle Party Supplies & Party Planning Ideas

Pink Poodle Party Supplies & Party Planning Ideas

Lets take a trip to Paris, France and celebrate the Parisian style and all things French! Here are some great ideas on how to turn an ordinary Pink Poodle theme into an extraordinary Pink Poodle in Paris event!

Invitations: Using clipart of poodles, the Eiffel tower or Parisian Girls wearing berets, type out on your computer on white paper and this script: OOh-La-Laa! Tres Magnifique! Le Birthday Party pour Mademoiselle ________. Cut out the script using fancy edged scissors and paste onto a half sheet of pink card stock. Finish off with a black bow by punching 2 holes in the top middle of the cardstock, guiding the ribbon through the holes and tying a little bow. Another unique idea would be to send an invite in the shape and fashion as a plane ticket to Paris! Or why not visit you local dollar store or souvenir shop and purchase some Paris postcards and write all of the party details on the back. Whichever you choose, do not be afraid to glam them up with sparkles, glitters and bows!

Decorations: Pink, Black and White everything and don’t forget the Pink Poodle tableware and supplies to really set the theme! Use helium balloons on the mailbox, in doorways, on chairs, as centerpieces, on vases, floating freely and pretty much anywhere you can tie a balloon onto. Decorate your ceiling by finding the center point or a light fixture and attaching 12-14 twisted black and pink streamer lengths to it. Floating them out a good 2 feet apart and attach them to the corner edges of the ceiling. Decorate your walls with enlarged images of the Eiffel Tower, Pink Poodles, Berets, Eiffel Tower, Mimes or any symbols of France you can think of. Hang France Travel Posters, postcards and cutouts from high fashion magazines. The table setting must be Sparkly, Fabulous and Tres Chic! Start with a black tablecover to make the pink poodle tableware pop and spread white or opalescent sparkles or gems on the table to look like diamonds. Have 2 or 3 vases filled with white roses and adorned with a black bow to use as your centerpieces. Finish off by tying a pink tulle fabric bow onto each chair. This will surely set a very elegant mood.

Activities: As the party guests arrive, invite each on of them to be a French artist. Provide a table or area with colouring tools, different papers, template pages of poodles, cotton balls ribbons, sequins, felt and glue.

Ask them to create a picture of a Pink Poodle by colouring the page in or decorating the outline with the craft supplies provided. Another craft idea is to make a very fashionable fancy choker collar that the guests can take home and wear. Use a heavy stock ribbon or craft foam in black or pink and cut to size to fit each child’s neck about 1.5 inches wide. You want it snug – but not tight! Attach a piece of self stick velcro to each end of the strip and let the girls decorate with gems, jewels, sequins, beads and glitter. When completed the party guests will look Tres Magnifigue! Give a short French lesson for the guests to learn a few basic words and phrases so that they may use them throughout the party. For example: Bonjour (Hello), Merci (Thank you), Au Revoir (Good Bye), Joyeux Anniversaire (Happy Birthday), Tres Chic (Very Stylish) and Sil Vous Plait (Please) and many more! Another idea along this line is to place conversation cards around the party room and table. Have the phrases and questions written in French and translated into English underneath. The guests will have a good laugh trying to pronounce the French version aloud! Have them answer or comment in English but ask them to use at least one French word they learned.

And Finally, hold a French couture fashion show. Visit your local Good Will store, your closet, your mom’s, grandmom’s and friends closet’s too and collect hats, scarves, boas, gloves, purses, shoes and costume jewelry. Have a large selection so each girl can choose 3 or 4 items each. Divide the guests into 2 groups with one group displaying their creations on the runway and the other kids in the audience enjoying the show. Be sure to have one adult in the dressing area helping and plenty of music playing so the girls can model and strut along to.

Menu: A Bistro Menu should consist of the following: Miniature croissants filled with turkey/lettuce/cream cheese, Finger Sandwiches cut out with a bone shaped cookie cutter, Fromage (cheeses), Crudite (Veggies & Dip), Pastries, Melon Ball Salad, Chocolate Dipped Strawberries and French Crepes filled with whip cream and sliced berries. Serve all food in your best china and on silver trays. The beverage of choice is pink lemonade or for a more fancy treat, serve French Sodas. A French Soda is simply 7up with grenadine to taste, topped with whip cream and a cherry and served in a wine glass. The French Crepes could be used as the birthday dessert or if you want something more traditional go for cupcakes or a full cake covered with white icing, pink polka dots (gumballs) and black fabric bows around the edges. Top with a few poodle candles and Voila! A perfectly decorated dessert!