Original Ideas for a Fairytale-Themed Children’s Birthday Party

Original Ideas for a Fairytale-Themed Children’s Birthday Party

Almost all children grow up reading and listening to fairytales. Boys love to act like the knights and princes and girls – princesses!! It is hence, no big surprise that a fairytale theme is one of the most popular choices for birthday party themes around.

Here are some ideas to create an awesome fairytale party. It does not take much money but will require time and effort. This article will focus of the following party elements; party invitations, door gifts, cake, decorations and activities.

Party Invitations

The creation of a themed party starts right from the party invitations. For a fairytale themed party invitation, you can make the invitation cards like a decree or scroll! Use a cream-coloured textures paper for best effect. Handprint the text of the invitation with a fountain pen or print it out on your computer using an old-English calligraphy font. To attain the look of an old scroll, simply crumple the paper and scorch the paper sides. Tear the paper sides before scorching to give it a ‘scroll-look’, but be careful when handling fire!

For fairytale themed parties, the kids should dress up to fit the theme. Your invitation should state this explicitly so that the invited children can do so. (You might want to have simply costume accessories such as hats/ helmets/ tiaras/ fairy wings etc just in case some kids are not in costume.

The invitation itself should be written in a fun way too, but do remember to put in all the relevant details including, date, time (duration), venue, RSVP date and contact details.

Door Gifts/ Party Bags

Some door gifts or party bags you can consider for a fairytale themed party include: plastic tiaras, wands, king/prince crowns, toy swords and shields, pirate patches and pirate hats and so on (you get the idea). The items mentioned above can be bought from party shops, or if you wish to, you can make them yourself too. Tiaras and wands can be made from colourful pipe cleaners and pirate hats and eye-patches can be made from cheap cloth. Use your child’s favorite fairytale story or characters as inspirations or guides to make themed door gift or party bags. You can make up inexpensive little goody bags like rustic pouches made from old cloth filled with gold chocolate coins and trinkets. Simply cut out a square of cloth about 8″ x 8″, throw in the goodies and gather up the corners of the cloth and tie them together with twine!


Since your party is going to be a fairytale themed party, there’s no reason why your cake shouldn’t fit in the theme too! The simplest solution is to buy cakes from confectionery shops that have fairytale prints on the cake. However, this can be expensive.

If you wish, you can have a home-baked cake that fits the theme. Do not worry! You do not have to be a pastry chef to make a tasty cake – you can make it easily using pre-mixed cake powder available in supermarkets. To make it even more fairytale themed, buy icing, sweets, chocolates and use your creativity to decorate the cake! An easy cheat to make a simple cake a themed one is to buy toy figures and plant them on the cake! Ensure that the birthday child gets involved by letting him/her design decorate his/her own cake too. This is a great chance to bond with your child in a fun way!


For a fairytale themed party, decorations must reflect the fairytale theme. One of the best decorations that can help to create a fairytale atmosphere is plenty of white, silver or pink nylon netting! Nylon netting can give the surroundings a dreamy and fairytale feel. Nylon netting is very versatile and you can secure the material on chairs, tables, pillars and even the ceiling.

Since your child is the special child for the day, you can also have a special throne for the birthday child. This throne can be easily made by modifying an inexpensive wooden chair and have it spray-painted gold and decorated with nylon netting. You can also put red satin on the seat to make it even extra special! A plush cushion is also a nice touch.

If you don’t mind the expense, fairytale themed party cutlery, plates and cups are very pretty and really add to the theme when the entire table is set with such themed tableware.

Balloon decorations can easily fit the fairytale theme. If you are using a professional decorator, they will have the expertise to theme the decorations. If you are self decorating, the easiest way is to match balloon colours to the other decorations. Adding stickers of fairytale characters is an inexpensive way to theme the balloon beyond just colours.


Think about designing your party activities like games and competitions that can incorporate a fairytale theme. Here are some ideas; a best-dressed fairytale character or most creative fairytale costume competition, colouring contests featuring favourite fairytale characters, memory games using fairytale playing cards, a real-life archery competition (just like in Robin Hood!!) with suction-cap arrows; shooting competitions with foam or suction-cap dart guns or matching shoes to the right person ala Cinderella. The great thing about these activities is that you can organize them yourself.

If you are hiring a party entertainer, it is a good idea to look for a professional company that can customize their shows and games. For example, Singapore kids birthday party company, Mighty Magic Factory, can customize entertainment and games to suit your theme. They also have a costume and photo station that allows kids to dress up in all kinds of fairy-tale costumes.

One last important point when it comes to theme parties: Always adopt a holistic approach when planning a theme party. The theme only comes about when different elements come together to create a synergistic experience!