Michael Kimble Review

Michael Kimble Review

Michael Kimble begins his career working long hours in the insurance industry and he became successful at this and earned a six-figure income. Sometimes people desire to change their way of life, they want a more challenging career. Michael soon became unsatisfied in the insurance industry and he started attending seminars on marketing techniques and tactics. Through his choice, this became the turning point in his career. Soon Michael Kimble bought the worldwide rights of the complete catalog of one of the most trusted names in the direct marketing world, Dan Kennedy. He sold these information products to many online and offline marketers. He also took the Dan Kennedy products and sold resell rights and master resell rights to thousands of people making a very large profit on his investment.

In 2009 Bill Glazer, who is now the owner of Dan Kennedy’s NO BS Marketing business, bought back the rights from Michael Kimble so these rights are no longer available. For those lucky enough to have invested in these licenses before they were taken off the market have only Michael Kimble to thank, as not many people would have looked that far forward to see the large opportunity that was there.

Michael Kimble produces licensing programs so that he can help anyone with a website start a business. He has also provided ways on how to lessen the cost of hiring advertising copywriters and ad copy production expenditures. Michael is the CEO of Group M Marketing, Inc. based in Austin, Texas. The company publishes over 60 books, home study courses, manuals and business tool kits.

Michael Kimble is proficient in information publishing, direct marketing and internet based services. He took that first step to educate himself about direct marketing and direct response and is now very proficient at this skill. In the Internet business world he has helped a lot of business individuals to grow their business. He guided these people to adopt his successful business expansion techniques and likewise he began hiring consultants. He even developed a very advanced affiliate program. This program will give an opportunity for those who take up affiliate marketing to resell his products and this will help them set up an information marketing businesses of their own. Michael writes many books on information products like:

77 Little-Known Offline Marketing Techniques and Secrets for Promoting Any Product, Service, Business, or Website
Instant Online Business-Building Toolkit
The Most Powerful Marketing Strategies Ever Written for Small Business Owners

When people want to acquire marketing lessons, they can trust Michael Kimble. He is a great speaker and his lectures on joint venture marketing, licensing, internet marketing and other fields are all important. He likewise offers private consultation in Austin, Texas. His courses are recommended because his expertise lies in direct marketing, information publishing and growing Internet based businesses.

When a successful man is on top, there are still people who want to put them down. There are both negative and positive comments on the Internet about Michael Kimble but for the most part the positive ones are the ones that are in the majority.