Learn How To Create Cartoon Animations Easily

Learn How To Create Cartoon Animations Easily

I used to fight my brother since I was four. It doesn’t mean that I stopped now but u know fighting will be always there for different reasons, any way at this age as children, all what we care about are cartoons like Tom and Jerry, Ninja and games like PicMan or Car Race which for sure have been the main reason for every fight, different opinions lead to different selections, of course with one TV you can imagine cushions fly always in the air.

At that time I used to see 2D animations only, which have been developed a lot since then however they are on their way now to die due to the huge progress in digital world plus the fabulous appearance of 3D animation applications.

The main difference between 2D and 3D animation is that 2D lacks thickness, focus on image manipulation, and essence. Since everything around us is in 3D shape when you transform them to 2D they lose their reality.

Also, as soon as 3D model is completed you can have easy control not only over the scene but also over the animation as well unlike 2D.

In addition, 3D S/Ws are very rich tools give you Varity of options based on your requirements.

However both types of animations participate in the main 12 original principals introduced by Disney in the 1930s (Anticipation, Staging, Straight Ahead Action VS Pose to Pose action, Squash and Stretch,Follow-Through and Overlapping Action,Secondary Action, Arcs, Slow-In and Slow-Out, Timing, Exaggeration, Solid Drawing, Appeal).

How to get 3D graphics animation?

1. Sketch the character
2. Sculpting the character model using the appropriate s/w
3. Build the scene to simulate the environment ad model the world
4. Place and manage the direction of lights and camera
5. Apply the suitable motions
6. Rendering to have a video for the animated shape
7. Using motion tracking techniques to facilitate the interaction between the human and the animated character

Most Popular and effective 3D animations softwawre:

– Low cost easy to use 3D programs
· 3D Canvas: fun and simple from amabilis.com
· Xara 3D: almost for logos and good titles
· Adobe Dimension: can generate rendered objects from curves and texts

– Higher skill level 3D animation programs
· Pixels: modest cost and offer advanced rendering modeling
· Bryce 3D: designed to produce landscape applications

– The highest skill level
· Lightwave: one of the best renders
· 3Ds Max: famous in games production
· Softimage XSI: integrates 2D/3D compositor
· Maya: enables complex animations and offers non linear modeling