Indian Railways Launched IRCTC

Indian Railways Launched IRCTC

The Indian Railways is the largest of its kind in the world. It consists of the workforce of about 1.5 million workers. This is also referred as the life-line of the country and makes large amount f contribution in the growing economy of the nation. The Indian Railway promises Safe and hassle and free journey to its passengers at the most reasonable price. The rails run to almost every nook and corner of the country and is known for its inherent strength.

More than 13 million passengers are everyday benefit directly from the railway system of India as it has the network of 6,800 Kms. The Indian Railways has shown considerable improvements in last two years. The special emphasis is now laid upon providing comfort to the passengers. The railways have now introduced number of new trains.

Railway is coming up with a new strategy by making more use of ICT. This system will be soon introduced in all tourist trains and rail coaches. Railway is also making serious efforts to include professionalism into their stream and make certain organizational reforms. Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation Ltd (IRCTC) which is the marketing wing of Railways is currently working on certain policies. It is working to accommodate private parties from the field of travel and tourism trade to participate in their joint venture. All these attempts are made to promote tourism in the country.

The Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited

IRCTC i.e. Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited is a public sector company. This company was established and owned by the Ministry of Railways. The incorporation of IRCTC took place under the Companies Act of 1956. The corporation has its registered office in New Delhi. This establishment of the company took place so that it can function as an extended arm of the Indian Railways. This would make the Railways more comfortable in extending their services and can also manage the catering and hospitality services at the stations. This would also help in the promotion of domestic and international tourism and would contribute in the economic growth of the country. The IRCTC is also introducing some budget hotels and special tour packages for the convenience of the passengers. IRCTC Ltd. has gone functional for effectively harnessing the tourism and catering potential, worth Rs 500 crore. A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between IRCTC Ltd. and Railways to perform their functions.