How to Use Your Hobbies to Help You Learn a New Language

How to Use Your Hobbies to Help You Learn a New Language

How to Learn a New Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language can be very tough, but it can also be fun. The main thing you need to do is to find your interests that are connected to language learning subject. You can use the hard way, study grammar, travel to a foreign country, spend a lot of money, or you can just use your daily activities to learn a language. So which way is the best for you? You should think about your hobbies. What do you like to do in your free time. Do those hobbies also involve foreign languages?

The First Steps to Make Language Learning Interesting

I have a lot of suggestions how you can use your free time to learn languages. Are you a movie fan? If you are, just think of renting foreign language movies with subtitles. Although at first you may find it difficult to watch a movie which is not in English, later you can get used to it. Just listen to conversation, try to catch new words and remember the pronunciation. Take your time to watch the scenes over and over again. Write the dialogs on paper then try to pronounce the sentences yourself. You can compare your pronunciation with actor’s pronunciation, correct your mistakes, make an effort. There are many foreign movies you can choose, but I suggest you try first with the easiest movies. I mean the movies for children or cartoons. Yes, I think cartoons are the best for your start. Cartoons are made for children, language is not so difficult, so it is a good start. As you progress on your way, you can consider watching more serious movies. But the rules are always the same, you start with most commonly used words and then you go forward to a next step, increase the difficulty. This is the best way to achieve a good result. You will see that this kind of language learning can be fun and interesting. Your vocabulary will increase from day to day, you will see your progress.

Arts and Music Can Help You to Learn a Language

Are you a music fan? If you are just get the foreign song’s records. First you just listen to a song, it may be difficult for you to understand the meaning of the words. Then you write down the lyrics, if you have an English translation it can help you. Listen to a song over and over again, then try to remember it by heart. Then you try to sing. Maybe you will find it difficult to sing because you don’t understand the words, but after some practice you will be able to pronounce words correctly and even learn the meaning of the words. You should sing together with your friends, go to karaoke, practice together.

Do you like art and painting? Have you considered learning exotic languages like Chinese? Chinese calligraphy is an art of writing Chinese characters. You should take a brush and paint characters. Every character has it’s beauty. You can decorate your house, put paintings with Chinese characters on different places. It will give your house a touch of orient, make your house a pleasant place. You can find learning calligraphy fun, but it is just a step towards learning Chinese characters and Chinese language. This is a good way to connect arts and language learning.

Working in International Organizations

Do you like to work in international students and charity organizations. These kind of organizations can help you contact with foreigners, give you a chance to improve your language skills. You can do language exchange, you can help each other. Just go to the nearest international organization and talk with foreigners. At first it may be difficult, but latter as you improve your language skills you will find it interesting.

Just Do It

So now it is up to you. If you want to improve your language skill, just do it. Do not hesitate, just find the best way, take your time. If you have any suggestions or questions I would be happy to help. You should just make your learning fun and then you can achieve the best results. Thank you for your time. Wish you success.