How to Train Your Dragon Review – 3 Aspects to Consider Before Taking Younger Children

How to Train Your Dragon Review – 3 Aspects to Consider Before Taking Younger Children

In this How to Train Your Dragon review, we will discuss 3 qualities of this film and whether or not it is suitable for younger children. Many of the DreamWorks films have subtle, sometimes questionable content for young children; typically these go right over their heads. This movie however is a little bit different and you will want to pay close attention to a few key points before taking young children to it.

1. Strong Characters Sequences: Sometimes a movie that gets a lot of hype or is geared towards children leaves older audiences wanting more. However, How to Train Your Dragon not only succeeded in appealing to older and younger audiences, it really has some strong character sequences. For example, the bond between Hiccup and his dragon is very realistic and believable. The story line itself, though perhaps a bit cliché is both entertaining and humorous but also very exciting. Because the dragons are portrayed a bit darker than most, younger children may find parts of this movie a little too scary.

2. Outstanding Effects: Animated movie aside, this movie rivals other 3D movies and is far from a kid movie; there is a strong action packed scene at the beginning that is worth seeing on the big screen. Overall, each scene is done well with great detail. The quiet more subtle scenes come across very well and you can really see relationships progress even when no words are spoken.

3. Uncharacteristic Honesty: Being an animated film, you might think that DreamWorks would try to sugar coat the dragons and make them cute for their younger crowd. On the contrary however, these dragons are much darker and are very realistic dragons. Without giving away any story lines or endings, this movie has an unpredictable ending that brings about a certain truth instead of a pretty ending tied up in a perfect bow. Because of this, it may be wise to view the movie before bringing any children along; all children are different and you will have to use your judgment as to whether your child would have a positive experience at this movie.

This How to Train Your Dragon review covered 3 important aspects of the film to consider before you bring along a younger audience. In all, this is a great movie and was well done by DreamWorks, there are strong character sequences, outstanding effects and an uncharacteristic honesty that most films ignore or sugar coat. The bottom line as far as whether or not your child will enjoy or perhaps be fearful depends largely on an individual basis. Some children are far more sensitive than others and you will have to decide beforehand if the content of this film is suitable for your own child.