How to Draw Cartoon

How to Draw Cartoon

Drawing cartoon is similar to draw any object or character by pencil or brush. The important point to imagine or draw a cartoon is that the artist should have a sense of humor or comic expression in the character. Though drawing cartoon is a born quality but that can be achieved by a professional training program. The creativity can be also achieved by experiences and often work on this field.

The interested students may go for a lessons session for brief guides for cartoon drawing about materials, the creative process, simple tips and techniques. They can use the principle, tricks and techniques while drawings cartoons. There are many ready made cartoons, students can follow and try to make a replica of the same. There are instructions in the Cartooning Kit for available along with the kit or can be downloaded form internet for manipulating the cartoon images.

Cartooning Kit

The quickest way to start drawing cartoon is a ready made kit where all the drawing material and accessories are available. The tool box may be a hard pack or inside a drawing software in computer. The same tools are available for make cartoon drawings. A tutorial or help guide or illustration book may help a lot for the cartoon makers. A cartoon library provides many ideas and option of making cartoon characters. The step by step procedure can guide you to complete a cartoon graphics.

Digital Cartoon Making

For drawing digital cartoon images you need a set of materials such as a computer, software tool (drawing Software -graphics and word processing), a theme or concept like formats of humor such as riddles, puns, limericks, cartoons, jokes, and comic strips. You can think over the general subject of humor through topics such as what makes people laugh, the different types of humor, and its cultural dimension to shape the cartoon. The students should plan their comic strips on paper, and then should go for digital graphics form.

Procedure of Creating Comics

The budding cartoonist can go for articles, illustrating, resources for published cartoons etc. A simple procedure of drawing of a cartoon face if given below:

The drawing on paper as same as on computer monitor screen.

  • Begin with a new page with white background, art area size approx: 500×500 pixels.
  • Create a circular (using the ellipse select and holding shift in computer tool)
  • Put color or black (Drag and drop) into selection area.
  • You can clear region by eraser.
  • Create each curve as shown by drawing the curve, then stroking the path
  • This image serves as guidelines: the circle is the shape of the head, while the curves guide the drawing of the face, where the intersection is the nose location.
  • Sketch: Using the guidelines, draw out your cartoon using the pencil. You can erase and edit if it went messy.
  • Draw curved outline for making round shaped objects (Face, eyes, mouth etc.)
  • Coloring: Using different pencil / brushes for draw select contiguous regions, or color box in software tool. Drawing outline is required for areas, body line, mouth, hair, eyes, nose etc.
  • Light effect on mouth, eyes is required for making it for reality. Put gray color layer you would like show shading to.
  • For making glowing nose, select the region outside the nose.
  • For making shiny hair, select the entire colored region.
  • For shaping of Inner ear, select the region for the inner ear which you just closed off
  • Use the smudge tool and the blur effect to soften the shading.
  • For drop shadow shading, the option is there in software tool or manually you can make a shading effect around the object.