How to Become a Bodybuilding Champion – The Art of Eating!

How to Become a Bodybuilding Champion – The Art of Eating!

Improving your performance, conditioning or developing a champion physique in my opinion has just as much or more to do with eating as it does with physical training. You can not get good gas mileage on mediocre fuel. Sooner of later your car will pay the price in the body shop.

I became a champion bodybuilding mainly because of one mindset when it came to food, and that was balance. No matter what my calorie count had to be, at the end of the day I needed to have all the food groups in my body working together. I also needed vitamins and supplements to stay protected from injuries and colds.

Bodybuilding is an odd sport in itself and certain rules for competitive bodybuilding may seem extreme to the normal fitness buff. However, the under lying principles apply no matter where your goals fall. For the champion fitness buff eating is not only a science but an art form. You can exercise harder than anyone, you can have the best genetics, but if you do not eat appropriately and smartly, sooner rather than later your body will pay a price.

When it comes to food, the thing you want is for your foods to work in a synergistic fashion. In other words, you what them the work together and build momentum with each other. Here are some do’s and don’ts with food on the road to becoming a champion.


Banking calories:

If you are on a calorie restriction eating plan, saving your calories will end up storing fat and slowing down your metabolism. People who bank calories suffer more from a mind game than a physical need.

Restricting Good Fats:
Be careful in thinking that the less fat you eat the better. Good fats are good fuel resources. Insufficient amounts of fats in your diet may cause cannibalism of the hard earned muscle.

Over Eating:

Monitor your portions of meals. Better to eat often than too much at a sitting.

Late Night Eating:

Keep late night eating to a minimum. Your only exception are foods in the protein category.


Food Synergy:

Food balancing is very important. Make sure you have a good amount of all the food types in your diet. They work better together rather than alone.

Eat Often: Bodybuilding requires a lot of fueling the muscles. When blood sugar dips calories are not burned and muscle cells are hindered in their growth process. Supplying the body with consistent streams of nutrients is a must.

Food Windows:

Within two hours after a workout there is a golden opportunity to replenish your body with food. Your body has been rung out similar to a sponge and it needs nutrients. During this time period your body will continue to burn fat at the level of your workouts if you supply it with good food in moderate portions.

Small Pre Workout Meals:

Use some form of quick energy drink or food for pre workouts.


Minerals and vitamins need to be replenished as much as energy does. Stick with the basic list of vitamins and add a supplement here and there.

Calorie Cycling:

Continue to keep your body off guard by eating different number of calories per day. This keeps your body pushing it’s envelop.

These are just a few helpful hints in helping you become a champion bodybuilder. Each of you are different and require different eating plans. However, do not get too hung up on the details.