Exotic Pole Dancing Can Be Preformed in Your Own Home

Exotic Pole Dancing Can Be Preformed in Your Own Home

Sensual and erotic dance moves with a vertical pole is today’s Exotic Pole dancing. For decades, gentleman’s clubs and strip clubs have been the only places people have been able to enjoy this exotic dance. It is an art that is now being taught in dance studios across the country and in the privacy of your own home. Many women are starting to use exotic pole dancing to entertain their partners.

Pole dancing has become an art that is being used on stage in cabaret and in other performance environments that is non-erotic. Professional pole dancers require a tremendous amount of strength and endurance to preform many of the advance moves required for this kind of dancing.

The pole dance in most strip clubs are preformed with little calisthenics moves and more like a burlesque dance that stimulates erotic thoughts. In this case the pole maybe used just to hold onto as she moves her body. If the dancer is more skilled she may use the pole for spins, climbs, body inversions and other advanced moves. A considerable amount of body strength is important for dexterity. These moves take a great deal of time and convention to master.

The Exotic pole dance is very entertaining. Dancers dance around the dance pole and perform a burlesque dance. The dance is done to music and provides a good time for on lookers. The exotic dance is meant to be a form of entertainment that is erotic and sexually arousing for most men and some women as well.

Today, pole dancing has been accepted as a great form of exercise to raise the heart rate as well as to build strength. As pole dancing gains approval schools and certified training are starting to pop up over the country. Some circuses such as Montreal’s Cirque du Soleil consider pole dancing part a performing art. In the circus the acrobats wear very colorful costumes while they perform advanced pole dancing moves. These moves require exact precision and accuracy to be performed without injury.

Both men and women are enjoying performing the exotic pole dance. Some performances can be seen on TV or on DVD. Las Vegas is the most well known place to see a live exotic pole dancing show. In some instances to make the dance more effective in attracting a crowd lap dance, and striptease moves are incorporated into the dance.

There is no age limit when it come to exotic pole dancing. It is no longer for the young girls in their 20’s and 30’s. It’s for women of all ages, who are in long term relationships and looking for something new to spice up things.This is an exercise for everyone who wants to try something new to get into shape.