Coluzzle Ideas and Crafts

Coluzzle Ideas and Crafts


Coluzzle is a cutting template system with tools and is perfect for making scrapbooks and other craftworks. The name Coluzzle was actually coined from two English words – collage and puzzle and together they form the word “Col-uzzle”. The idea stemmed from the desire to create a collage puzzle. In due course, swivel knife and cutting mat were added to the system and people can use this kit to create craftwork with ease and elegance.

Coluzzle Kit and Tools

Each Coluzzle kit consists of templates, swivel knife, and cutting mat. This kit is useful in creating unique and fascinating craftwork. They also come along with brochures, which explain in easy steps how to use the system and give you ideas on how to make your crafts creative and unique. A handy swivel knife comes along with Coluzzle. The blade’s ability to twist makes steering easy and perfect. The blades of some swivel knives are guarded to prevent the sides of the templates from being accidentally cut or damaged and it also keeps the blade at the center of the channel. The cutting mat that comes along with the kit allows the blade to move freely through the channels while preventing it from penetrating into the table.


Templates are transparent, thin, yet durable plastic sheets with laser-cut channels that are perfect for a swivel knife to cut through the shapes. Sometimes these templates also come in a book-shaped format. Since the templates are clear, it will be easier to determine where to cut the shapes on the paper. These templates save our time and the hardships of measuring and tracing. There are a variety of templates available in the market and one can select a template that best suits their crafting idea.

Starting with Coluzzle

When starting with a Coluzzle cutting system, one should not cut right away the pictures or papers. Practice is very important before using the kit. For practicing, scratch papers can be used and a beginner has to start out with basic shapes. After getting the hang of it, one can proceed to the more intricate shapes that require more difficult maneuvers of the swivel knife. Repeating the same shape and style could create a unique pattern whereas combining different shapes and patterns could lead to surprising ingenious results.

Coluzzle Ideas

A very effective way of developing unique Coluzzle ideas is to plan ahead and determine what one wants to achieve or how they want their craft to look like after finishing them. Using Coluzzle, one can easily portray a sunset scenario, rainy day, ripples in a pond, petals of flowers, and many more. One has to just let the ideas flow from their creative mind and then the Coluzzle kit will let them to craft it to reality.