Clutter and Hoarding – Getting Rid of Stuff You No Longer Use

Clutter and Hoarding – Getting Rid of Stuff You No Longer Use

Would you consider throwing away and giving away stuff to fulfill your desire to get more organized? It can be fun to get rid of stuff you no longer use. And people getting stuff that’s still usable will thank you for sharing. Remember when you were first out on your own? There were people who helped you as you were first starting out. Now you can do the same thing. This simple plan can help make it easy!

1- To begin, choose one place to declutter or organize. Designate one box as a “throw away” box and one box as a “give away” box. Then a third box or area for items you keep, even if just for now. As you pick up each item, decide which ones to throw away and which to give away. If you feel stressed over deciding which is which, B-r-e-a-t-h-e! Relax and say, “I’m choosing to declutter and organize to help somebody…and that somebody is me and also somebody else!”

2- As appropriate, imagine who might want to receive your gifts of usable items. Imagine a mother in a homeless shelter with children. If that were you, would you want someone to share? Imagining being in someone else’s financially strapped shoes, you can more easily see the value of sharing your stuff you no longer use.

3- Give yourself credit for helping someone, especially if you struggle with hoarding. The person who gets the stuff you no longer use might even be a neighbor, or someone who has no job or down on their luck. You never know how you might make a difference in someone’s life.

4- If you are feeling challenged about letting stuff go that you are no longer using, notice that you ARE choosing to help someone else. Remind yourself that your best efforts are good enough for you. If you do something just because you prefer to do it, you feel good about sharing.

5- Realize that you make a huge difference in your community by sharing stuff you no longer need or use. The person who’s getting the stuff you give free is able to thrive because of your generosity. Even if you never personally know who your old, but completely free of holes paisley sweater goes to, you may see that sweater on somebody someday on the street. If they can use it, share it! Your generous gift just might be the reason they stay well for a winter season.

6- A free give-and-take online program called Freecycle can benefit from your things you no longer use. Check it out today and feel good about sharing. In these challenging economic times, you will be making a huge difference by decluttering and organizing.