Business Bright Chances in Pakistan – A Review (Part III)

Business Bright Chances in Pakistan – A Review (Part III)

Part III

6: Renewable Energy sources – Solar Energy

Just one square cm of the Sun’s surface burns with the brightness of 232,500 candles.

– “A half an hour of the Sun’s Energy which reaches the Earth’s surface in a full sunny day can meet the whole world’s energy demands for almost a year”

The renewable energy resources are the best alternative to the available power generations at the moment in Pakistan! In preference to various reasons and compared with other renewable sources of Energy, the solar power can be a major part of the contributing feature in the power generation. Most of the day time in summer is about 13 – 16 hours and in winter 8 – 10 hours. One can avail this natural facility by situating a solar plant into the industry or home purposes. One can compare like one standard hour of sun light in summer can provide a good amount of electricity with a 1 square meter of a solar generator array. The comparison of the budget in the construction of a plant and usage of electricity from other resources would with roughly estimates to be at least 1/4th of the hydro power generated by limited amount of the water.

Thinking ahead, one can offer a good opportunity to setup the industry in collaboration with the state of the art technology. Alternatively the villages which are far off to the main power supplies and where the access to the power lines is a bit complicated, this method to generate light is/can be a major alternative. Currently Pakistani government is focusing on this theme of the projects, but there is still a big room for the sector of the business. Comparing advantages and disadvantages one can say, the renewable energy sources would be a great point-of-care for in near future because it’s cheap, easy to install and pollution free or environmental friendly way to fulfil human needs. Solar technology can be practically used in cooking as well…

For a standard comparison between various photovoltaic modules, the worldwide test conditions have been defined: the current and voltage measurement and the output performance is considered under specific conditions of irradiance, temperature, and area (1000W/m2, 25 °C). Generally one can get about 50W of power from a standard panel.

7: Public Transport Agencies

Since last decade the government has been trying to establish good relations with international companies. Namely Daewoo and Volvo participated into providing a good quality transport facilities. Many other companies for the construction and transport purposes should open new dimensions to the business. The private investment in public transportation should be patronized by government. Working in association with National Highway Authority – NHA, Advertising companies and can bring good revenue too. Advertising agencies responsible for the marketing of the products across the country roads, the petrol stations and sub-way restaurants and hotels would be an encouraging point of investment and growing business.

Chief Motor vehicles are buses, coaches, personal cars and Lories

Holding shares in Daewoo – a world-renowned group of companies Korea – which keeps striving for global uplift. Year after year Daewoo has become a name of responsibility and trust. It has already been laid down 6-lane Motorway between Lahore and Islamabad. Stretching over about 300 km is not only prelude at Daewoo but is also one of the many landmarks in the world of transportation & communication, which any country can feel proud of.

8: Foreign Investment Schemes:

Personally speaking, this tip is the most valuable and profitable for the international investors in developing countries. Businessmen from the foreign countries are encouraged to participate in the flourishing business. The example given is the Automobile industries. Collaboration with Honda, Toyota and Suzuki is currently bringing a lot fruitful chances into the financial aspects of the country. Investing capital by multinational companies can be optimized by employing flexible terms for the import and export of the home manufactured materials at relatively lower/flexible market prices.

-Capital investment in home-industries to medium scale

-Investment can be in the form of useable equipments, instruments for industrial, research or hospital purposes, for example proving good quality equipment at somehow flexible rates or leasing or financing schemes etc…

9: Education Sector: A good chance for foreigners to do Business:

The introduction of foreign languages can be a growing business in Pakistan. The reason is many folds: because it is the demand of coming time; easier communication with the developed countries; one can be a cosmopolitan; learns other cultures; opens optimistic ways of livings, etc… The key role in opening bilateral talks and conversations is to first learn the language of that part of the world.

Example is if we want good connections with Germany, a good possible way is to govern an institute for the basic international languages by foreign teachers. Founding a multilingual school specializing in German, English, French, Spanish and Chinese in some of the advanced cities, like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Faisalabad, and some industrial cities like Gujranwala, Sialkot, Gujarat, Rawalpindi would indeed be a good progressive setup not only in the business but also improving the educational background of the cities.