Are You Missing These Four Hot Trends in Custom Tattoo Designs?

Are You Missing These Four Hot Trends in Custom Tattoo Designs?

Tattoos have long been considered a form of art. As time passed, tattoos became an extension of our modern lifestyle. Many people are drawn to the art of tattooing. There is a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment every time you make or wear a tattoo. It’s a lasting mark of a significant life event permanently etched in a canvas: your skin. The idea of wearing tattoos is simply nostalgia.

Through the years tattoo styles have flourished giving birth to intricate custom tattoo designs. Gone are the days when these were only used for religious or sacrificial purposes. Modern culture has transformed tattoos into a way of expressing individuality and personality. This is why so many people desire a custom tattoo design made uniquely for them.

Generally, tattoo designs can be classified in more than one hundred ways. Among these styles and designs, four trends have become the mainstay. These designs follow a specific trend that reflects the present generation. Current tattoo trends show a blend of modern and traditional tattoo art. Here are four hot trends in custom tattoo designs you might find wearable:

1. Photo Realistic Forms

Many artists now have a way of creating color-precise tattoos using state of the art tattoo equipment. These designs vary from self-portraits to scenic views. Usually, people wearing these styles want vivid and clear details of the photo inked in their skin. Some tattoo artists create custom tattoo designs that are richly colored and buoyant. There are photo realistic designs that simulate artistic effects such as airbrush, oils and watercolor. There are thousands of ‘photo realistic’ designs for tattoo artists to explore.

2. Old English Alphabet

Old English Tattoos are probably one of the oldest and most popular styles. They have become a standard in tattoo design. The twenty-four letters can combine to create millions of designs. Tattoo artists create designs by combining Old English Alphabet with other ancient text art such as calligraphy, Chinese, Hebrew and Egyptian texts. When combined with other styles, Old English Alphabet becomes unique. The artists have perfected this style and it is commonly requested by clients.

3. Traditional Tribal Designs

Tattooing descends from ancient traditional culture. It is handed down from one generation to the next. Custom tattoo designs are created to reflect the magical and spiritual symbolism of the tattoo design. Under this famous trend are the Celtic bands, Chinese mythological creatures, western zodiac and tribal emblems. These tattoo styles are both attractive and significant. Custom designs show rich contrast between ‘new age’ and ancient times. These symbols offer a wide array of choices for tattoo enthusiasts.

4. Nature Designs

Under this category are a collection of animal and plants made into remarkable tattoo designs. Flowers are the most commonly used designs with Fleur-de-lis and roses requested most frequently. Other tattoo enthusiasts have animals in their skin. Some choose furious animals while others prefer the more tame variety. Tigers, snakes and spiders are the most common designs in this nature trend.

Many other trends continue to crop up from time to time. The wearer can freely ask the tattoo artist to create custom designs that reflect their individuality. You can even check online for a more comprehensive list of tattoo designs and trends. Make sure you do not miss out on these four hot trends.