A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep

A Birthday Is More Than Balloons – Involving the Kids to Be a Part of the Birthday Decor Prep

Well, it’s your kid’s birthday and s/he has turned a year older but you don’t just want them to turn older but also wiser by the years.

There are many ways your kid can take DIY things at hand and contribute to her/his birthday celebrations. After all, it’s not an out and out surprise for them. Oh come on, they are expecting things already. So, why not plan the jubilee with them and make it a learning experience for your ward.

Five steps to include the birthday kid in her/his hatch day festivities:

1. Let the kids hone their artistic skills and design the invitation cards for their birthday ceremony. This way they will be involved in a crucial step before hosting the gala i.e. to invite the guests with creative hand-made cards.

2. Let them revise their art and craft lessons and contribute in the decoration of the hall with innovative crafting skills. Quilling is a hit these days, why not exercise it with your kid and do your own decor. There are so many tutorials on Quilling craft ideas available on online platforms like YouTube and Pinterest. Your kid and you can later boast about it too.

3. We all know that the market is flooded with variety of candles of different shapes and sizes, scented ones too. But nothing beats the proud moment when your kid molds her/his own candles. You get these waxes in many stores and also molders to give various shapes. So, why not give your kid this opportunity to make their own illuminators and they can further personalise the experience by writing one’s name on them by using glitters. This will not only validate that the candles are your kid’s own creation but will also give them the special birthday vibes when your child sees her/his name inscribed on the candles.

4. Involve them in the cake-making process. Yes, this can be their first step to the kitchen where they can get a hands-on experience of baking, using the microwave and garnishing as well. So, let’s prepare your young ones to be the next promising contestant of Masterchef Junior.

5. And finally for the return gifts, if you are looking for simpler options, well you sure have introduced them to the kitchen already, so how about involving them in preparing some flavoured hand-made chocolates packed in mini paper bags. Or few of those molded candles can be kept aside and with guests’ names inscribed with glitter on them, they will make for perfect return gifts. There are so many other ways your child can plunge into making innovative return gifts for friends, if your kid’s birthday falls in the current month or say the upcoming December, it is The Time to introduce him/her to sewing classes, maybe hand gloves for the tiny guests or better let’s start with simpler things like woollen caps. Or let them try clay pottery and make interesting things. There are so many DIY pottery arts wheel game available in stores.

With these many ideas and suggestions on mind, we are sure you are already planning for a unique and special birthday bash for your baby. This will ensure that your family will not just enjoy the party time and post birthday time of opening the gifts but the pre-birthday preparations will be equally a time well spent. Have a gala time!