7 Flashloaded Flash Components To Create The Ultimate Website

7 Flashloaded Flash Components To Create The Ultimate Website

You already have a great website. Why not make it even greater? With the flash components from Flashloaded, you could easily turn your great Flash website into the ultimate Flash website there could ever be.

Flash MX 2004 components were released on the 9th of September 2003, having a faster runtime performance of up to about eight times, with the improved compiler. They can also extend the functionality of Flash by giving you a trouble-free strategy to improve and enhance your Flash websites by adding features with no or little coding. They are installed in the Macromedia Flash authoring environment.


Under the Menus of the flash media components, you could purchase the 3DMenu, bounceMenu, dropMenu, iconbarMenu, scrollMenu, slideMenu, textMenu, and zoomMenu. The 3DMenu enables you to create state-of-the-art three-dimensional ingenious navigation systems or menus with mouse interactivity in Adobe Flash.

With the bounceMenu, you could produce both horizontal and vertical menus and fully customize Flash menu with custom cursors and a bounce effect. While the dropMenu enables you to add horizontal and vertical two-level menus to your Flash website which works with Extensible Markup Language.

The iconbarMenu is pretty similar to the Mac OSX icon bar which is a docked icon menu system that moves and magnifies with mouse interaction. Purchase the scrollMenu to define menu items dynamically through ActionScript or in the component panel and add scrollable dropdown menus to your Flash websites without coding.

For only $29.95, you could have the slideMenu so that you could expand the limited space of your applications. The scroll icon menu items vertically or horizontally. The textMenu is fully customizable with seven built-in effects to create various looks for your projects and the zoomMenu allows you to add a multiple nested menu navigation system to your Flash websites.


Most of the time, you need to use charts to effectively and efficiently display data and information to your customers and flash extensions can enable you exactly that. With the charts components, you could create excellent three-dimensional pie charts, bar charts, line charts, pie charts, and stacked percent charts.


Components Flash also includes navigation components such as the 360PanViewer, 360PanViewerPro, advancedTree, blogScroller, flashTicker, flashTickerFX, flashTooltip, flipNavigation, pageFlipper, photoFlow, thumbNailer, thumbNailerPro, and the ultimateScroller.


3D flash extensions include the 3DBox/3DBook, 3DEnvironment, 3DPlane, and the controlVR.

Other Components

Various components for Flash include the advacedLoader, advancedLoaderPro, bannerRotator, Bit Component Set, designersPoll, dndlist, ezFormPro, flashControllers, flashTimer, imageLoader, mdiContainer, multicolumnTextfield, randomLines, rssReader, speedController, styleManager, textExtend, uniLoader, and xmlCalendar.

Sound And Video

Flash extensions also include the flvPlayerPRO, hotFlashVideo, and the soundPlayerPRO that all enhance the audios and videos that your clients would hear and watch.

The flvPlayerPRO is a fully customizable and skinnable Flash video player component that enables you to automatically progressively download FLV videos or control playlists. This component also includes Extensible Markup Language support.

Without embedding a heavy .flv into your SWF file, the hotFlashVideo allows you to easily add interactive hotspots to your Flash Video. Thus, you could take advantage of the FLV format’s streaming capabilities. While the soundPlayerPRO lets you play your sound files from a playlist.


To enhance the content of your website, make sure to purchase one or all of the fCMS, fCMSPro, and the flashTexteditorSuite components for Flash.