5 Awesome Kid Birthday Party Themes

5 Awesome Kid Birthday Party Themes

Kids love themed birthday parties. A theme will make the kid’s birthday party going experience and your party planning experience that much easier. A theme will help you tie together everything from the decorations, to the tableware, to the cake, to the activities. Of course you will want your theme to be unique, but also know that kids love the tried and true – from princesses to pirates.

One of the great things about picking a traditional theme is that you will find plenty of materials and decorations in party stores. Major money is made by licensing popular kid cartoon and book characters for paper plates, balloons and even piñatas. You will be able to find most of what you want, but you will probably wind up paying for it. However, the following party theme ideas don’t necessarily rely on just one character and should make your party planning and budgeting easier.

1. Circus Theme – Who doesn’t love the circus. This is a lot of fun for both the kids and the adults. You can hire a clown, a balloon artist, face painter and even try to put on a small circus of your own. You can set up little rings in the backyard and provide activities like juggling, hula hoops, and magician-themed crafts for kids to invent their own shows.

2. Princess theme – Of course little girls love this, and you can easily go with all of the Disney characters. Consider having the guests dress up as their favorite characters, and provide of princess themed things like costume rings, goblets, wands, and highly decorated cupcakes. And of course, don’t forget the tiaras

3. Outer Space Theme – To infinity and beyond. This makes a great birthday party theme for kids – for both boys and girls. You can really let your imagination soar with this one and don’t be afraid to add some educational elements. You can have the birthday girl dress up like an astronaut and have the crafts portion of the party revolved around creating scary aliens. Think stars and planets for the directions and don’t be afraid to add in some lunar cakes and Martian party dip!

4. Super Hero Theme – this isn’t just for boys – think Wonder Woman or Super Girl. Consider a game or activity that has “saving” for the theme, and maybe you’ll want to loop a favorite episode of the character in the background. Guests can come as their favorite superhero, or you can provide toys and crafts based on the superhero character.

5. Animal Birthday Party Theme – This is a great theme for younger kids – just pick their favorite animal – from dogs, to dinosaurs to bugs and go all out. This can also work for older kids, especially if you add an educational theme to it. For dinosaurs, perhaps you want to create a dinosaur dig in the backyard sandbox, or create a jungle-themed safari in the backyard.

Whatever theme you choose, just remember that the birthday boy or girl will be thrilled to be the center of attention and that everything is geared toward their favorite things. You can also create themed goodie bags for party-goers, and even take your basic food, like pizza and call it Alien Bread or Explorer Rations to keep the theme and the make-believe going. A themed birthday party can make planning a memorable event for your child that much easier.