10 Valentine’s Day Scrapbooking Ideas With or Without Photos

10 Valentine’s Day Scrapbooking Ideas With or Without Photos

Valentine’s Day is all about romance, love and friendship. It may not be a common picture-taking opportunity, but with or without a photo, there are still plenty of Valentine’s Day scrapbooking ideas. Remember this February 14th and that special someone you asked to be yours with these Valentine’s Day scrapbook page tips.

1. Find a Photo- just because you don’t have a photo taken on February 14th doesn’t mean you can’t include photos in your Valentine’s layout. Find a photo of you and sweetheart from another occasion to fix that problem. You can go back as far you as you want for a picture of you both together, perhaps even a wedding picture.

2. Choose a Page Title- Need some help coming up with a Valentine’s Day themed title? Here are a few suggestions:

  • How Do I Love Thee?
  • I Love You
  • I Want to Kiss You All Over
  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
  • My Heart Belongs to You
  • This Kiss
  • Always and Forever
  • High School Sweethearts
  • Soulmates
  • Be Mine

3. Choose Romantic Page Elements: Obvious choices for your page elements are hearts and roses, but look at your other scrapbooking supplies for embellishments that make you think of romance. For example, use white lace, a pink satin ribbon, red bows or Victorian accents.

4. Add Color- Red is the color of the day for Valentines’ Day, but too much red on your page may overpower your focal point. Use red as an accent, and try adding more white and pink to your layout.

5. Add Your Valentine’s Day Cards- Cards make decorative page elements. You can create a pocket on the page to add the cards you gave to each other. This way they can be removed so you can read the sentiments inside.

6. Write Love Letters- Journaling is just as important on a Valentine’s layout as it is on any other scrapbooking page. Use the page title ideas listed above to prompt journaling ideas. You could also include handwritten love letters given any time of the year or from the past.

7. Add a Love Poem- if you want a quick way to add journaling, use a love poem or quote on your page. It’s easy to find plenty of choices for poems and quotes by doing a search for “romantic poems” on the internet.

8. Photograph Valentine’s Day Gifts- Include a photo of the box of chocolates or roses you received, and scrapbook the gift card. If you had a nice dinner out, put a photo of the restaurant on your page and don’t forget to journal what you each ordered for dinner.

9. Remember the Kids- Children celebrate Valentine’s Day too. Include cards exchanged from school mates on a special page for your children. Record their feelings about this holiday and what it means to them.

10. Dedicate a Page to Your Valentine- Instead of focusing on the couple, use a page layout to express all the reasons why you love him/her.

With a little creativity, you can create a beautiful Valentine’s Day page layout even if you don’t have a photo from that day. You don’t even need special supplies. You probably already have embellishments with a romantic theme. Add some white and pink cardstock and some red letters, and you have everything you need to make a Valentine’s Day scrapbooking page.